What is the time of expedition for your products?

The time of treatment of your order is in general of 24h / 48h. In case of strong request these delays can be extended.

Please note that the delivery time is included in general between:

- 7 - 15 working days for Metropolitan France,
- 15 - 20 working days for Switzerland,
- 15 - 20 working days forBelgium,
- 15 - 20 working days for Luxembourg
- 15 - 25 working days for Canada
- 7 - 15 working days for The United Kingdom

as from expedition.

In view of the delays of expedition runs, you have of two hours to cancel your order. In which case, we consider that your order can be sent.

By commanding on our Internet site, you enquired, and you accept these delays.

Quality of products?

Our articles are made with care by professionals, we favour the quality of materials to create articles in the flawless returns.

Reassured delivery?

For very purchase, we offer you a reassured delivery. This delivery will take care, in case of dismissal of products, expenses of expedition of the package.

Some articles of my order are missing:

Our products are separately sent according to your order. Indeed, if this one contains articles of two different warehouses, there will be as a result two deliveries.

The rest of order will arrive very indeed quickly.

Do you give information of the monitoring / pistage of the product?

Anxious about the quality of the information of tracking of orders, we prefer, asking us even information the supplier concerning the situation of order. Do not hesitate to send us a mail concerning your monitoring at our address:information@fairy-roses.fr. We will answer you at the earliest.

I received a harmed article. What can I make?

We are upset to hear it. Send us simply a picture of the harmed article in question at address email: info@fairy-roses.frand we will send you a similar article of replacement as quickly as possible.

I still did not receive my order. What takes so much time?

We ask you to excuse us for delay. Sometimes, international expedition can take more time than envisaged because of customs clearance. If you want to enquire about your order, please communicate with us by electronic mail at following address:info@fairy-roses.fr

Have you a politics of refund?

We make of our the best to resolve all problems which our clients could meet with their online articles. If you however want to receive a refund on your order, we can fulfil the payment of course.